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JRB Auto – Experienced Car Mechanic in Werribee

As a car owner, you want your car to always perform its best. If you are looking for a reliable local car mechanic in Werribee, Victoria, that can repair and service your car, you are in the right place. JRB Auto is your trusted auto mechanic that will take good care of your car. Our motor vehicle mechanics come with several years of experience and work on cars of all models and makes. Whether you have a European, Japanese, American or any other car, we have you covered.

Few things are as distressing as a broken-down car that leaves you stranded. But with our professional automotive mechanic service, you are never alone. You can always count on our dependable team to repair your car with perfection. Our team also uses the latest tools and equipment to find and fix every type of fault. We also try to clean and repair any faulty component rather than go for quick replacement. Only if the part or system cannot be repaired, we recommend a replacement.

As a company committed to providing the best experience, we use only genuine or high-quality spare parts, fluids, body parts and accessories. All our work is transparent with no hidden charges or overpricing. Our motor mechanic explains every fault, diagnostic, and solution as well as the cost and time estimate to you upfront. Only after your approval, we go ahead with the work. We take great pride in our work and no job is too small or too complicated for us.

Car Mechanical Services Offered at JRB Auto

As a leading car mechanic in Werribee, Victoria, we provide a range of services such as:

Car services

Whether it is a regular service, minor tuning or major service, you are in good hands. Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools for servicing cars and trucks. We have auto mechanics who can work on vehicles of all models. You will see the difference in the performance of your car after our service. This makes your car or truck run at its optimum level and makes driving a pleasure.

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Logbook servicing

Without timely logbook services at an authorised centre, you risk losing the warranty on your car parts. Log book servicing also ensures that your car is serviced as per the car manual and the standards specified by the manufacturer. Our car mechanics in Werribee are well-versed in all aspects of this type of service and carry it out with perfection. This not only helps your car perform at its best but also helps to retain the resale value of your car.

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Car battery replacement

Your vehicle’s battery is at the heart of its performance. It powers all electrical systems and various accessories. So if your car’s battery is troubling you lately, our car mechanic service will take care of it for you. This way you ensure that you are never stranded on the road with a dead battery. You can get batteries of all leading brands at our workshop installed in your car in no time.

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Wheel alignment

We also provide wheel alignment services for small trucks at our workshop. This prevents uneven tyre treads, increases fuel efficiency and gives better control of the vehicle.

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Diesel Mechanics

Do you own a vehicle with a diesel engine? We have skilled diesel engine mechanics who know these complex engines inside and out. They can repair any fault with diesel engines and help them perform at their peak.

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From the time you drive into our workshop to the time we hand back the keys to you, your car is our responsibility. Trust us for high-quality and reliable auto mechanic services for cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Your Trustworthy Car Mechanic in Werribee, Victoria

Every vehicle owner looks for a trustworthy car mechanic and a well-equipped service centre. Your search in Werribee, Victoria, ends with JRB Auto. We are one of the best auto services providers because we offer:

All our services are fairly priced. We never overcharge our customers for any mechanical, electrical or auto body services. All auto parts are competitively priced and charges are shared with you upfront.

We provide services for a wide range of cars and trucks. Our automotive mechanics can work on cars of all leading brands.

Our responsive and friendly customer service team ensures that you have the best customer experience. They answer all your queries regarding the services, prices and assist you with bookings. This ensures the process is hassle-free for all.

Our motor vehicle mechanics come with years of training and experience. They also have multiple certifications and can work on the latest cars of all models and makes. You get complete peace of mind knowing that your car is in the best hands.

We are committed to providing the best in class service with 100% guaranteed results for all our customers. Our mechanics ensure that your car is serviced and repaired to perfection.

As a workshop committed to quality and customer satisfaction, our car mechanics use only OEM or high-quality parts. This ensures the trouble-free performance of your car for years to come.

For queries, assistance or booking, reach out to us on 03 9741 2725. You can also visit our shop at 21 Lock Avenue, Werribee, Victoria 3030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listening to your car as you drive can alert you to underlying issues. Some signs to listen or pay attention to are:

  • Strange noises like grinding, squealing, or knocking might mean trouble under the hood
  • Vibrations could signal issues with your suspension or tires
  • Keep an eye on your dashboard – warning lights, especially the notorious check engine light, shouldn’t be ignored
  • If your car’s refusing to start or stalling frequently, it is time to visit a service shop
  • Odd smells like burnt rubber or sweet syrup also point to issues with your vehicle
  • Leaking fluids under your ride is another important sign you should look out for. Do not delay, as it could point to leaks in your brake, coolant, or oil systems
  • Lastly, poor performance, sluggish acceleration, or decreased fuel efficiency tells you about a problem with your car

The time it takes for repairs varies widely based on the issue. Simple tasks like an oil change or brake pad replacement can be done in an hour or two. Common repairs like a radiator replacement or spark plug change might take a few hours. However, more intricate problems such as engine or transmission issues could take several days to a week, depending on parts availability and workload. However, unforeseen complications can impact timelines. Our mechanics will provide estimates and will do their best to deliver on time.

When seeking skilled car mechanics, focus on their certifications and qualifications that assure top-notch service. Factory certifications from car manufacturers indicate specialised training for specific brands. A solid track record, often highlighted by years of experience, demonstrates reliability. You can also check for membership in professional organisations like your local mechanic associations. Another important tip is to read customer reviews to provide insights into their work quality and customer satisfaction. Our car mechanics stay updated on industry trends to provide you with the best services every time you bring your car in. For more information, you can always talk to our support team on 03 9741 2725.


Jacqui P
Jacqui P
I had a friendly conversation on the phone with a man named James, who gave me all the information I needed in regards to my broken aerial. I rang him back and booked my car in with them to get my aerial replaced the following week. JRB Auto's have amazing customer service regardless if it's one of the auto elects or the receptionist...they call you to inform you what seems to be the problem and they will need to order the part in...that's not a problem...then when they realise there is actually another concern connected to the problem I was having, they called again to see if I wanted to go the cheaper option and a easier fix or whether I wanted the problem fully replaced...So informative on price and labour costs etc... Couldn't fault them on the experience I have recently had with them.
Jase Stevenson
Jase Stevenson
Teflon Don
Teflon Don
I have used these fullas for years, always been notch service and knowledge. Allen is great and is worth every bowl of rice James pays him. Billy 😘
Thanks to the bro alan for diffusing my stress today over the phone, you helped heaps and you probably don’t even know that too. Cheers!
bailey Uerata
bailey Uerata
Awsome work done in record time.thanks guys
Rachel Wood (PlayLearnGrowHub)
Rachel Wood (PlayLearnGrowHub)
I recently had my new car logbook service at JRB Auto. The service was great, the mechanics were friendly and they washed my car when they were done which was a surprise. Oh and it was way cheaper than the dealer.
LouLou Bell
LouLou Bell
The team at JRB are great. So helpful and explained the issues with my van and my car so I understood. I have my van booked in again this week . I trust them to do the repairs correctly.