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It is important to get proper wheel alignment done by professionals to ensure your safety and comfort while driving. JRB Auto is a trusted car wheel alignment and balancing services provider in Werribee. We use the latest system to check and correct a fault with your car’s tyre rotation and balancing. This helps to improve the overall performance and handling of your car. It also enhances safety on the road and the life of your car’s tyres.

Proper wheel alignment and balancing is the key to stability and longer tyre life. It also makes driving a comfortable experience. We have been providing top-notch vehicle wheel alignment and other car repair services to vehicle owners in the city. Our highly trained team can work on car wheel balancing of all models and makes. With an experience of more than 12 years, we offer competitive prices and reliable services. This has made us one of the top choices for wheel balancing and alignment in Werribee.

Why Should You Conduct Regular Wheel Alignment Checks?

As we all know prevention is better than cure – regular checking goes a long way to ensure that your car always has proper wheel alignment. This helps in maintaining the overall performance and easy handling of your vehicle. With the correct alignment, tyres are in proper contact with the road surface. When you drive, all wheels point in the same direction, which is the key to better traction and superior steering control. Here are the reasons to get it done regularly:

  • Detecting Potential faults: Timely alignment of the wheels helps to detect any potential issues. Furthermore, they can be fixed by our experts, which wear and tear of the prevents tyre.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: You also get better fuel economy, along with a better driving experience. So, just like car servicing, wheel alignment also needs to be done on a regular basis.
  • Avoids Costly Repairs: Our computerised wheel alignment diagnostics detect many faults that are not noticeable by drivers. We make sure that these issues are fixed and the wheels are aligned perfectly to prevent costly repairs on tyres and suspension.
  • Improved Safety: Another reason why wheel alignment is essential is safety. If the wheels are not correctly aligned, your car pulls to one side of the road and cannot manoeuvre the turns properly. This increases the risk of accidents and puts your and the passenger’s life in jeopardy. It is easy to prevent these issues or take corrective action when you get your car’s wheel alignment checked at our car repair centre. Our professional mechanics fix the alignment or replace faulty parts to ensure a safe ride.

Signs of Improper Wheel Alignment

Are you wondering whether your car or small truck’s wheel alignment is proper or not? Most drivers are clueless when it comes to alignment and are unable to spot this issue until it’s too late. Here are some tell-tale signs to look for; if you have one or more of these, get your vehicle checked without delay:

  • Irregular tyre wear and tear : Have you noticed that one side of your car’s tyres is more worn than the other? It is an obvious indication of issues with alignment that needs to be checked and fixed. The misaligned wheels cause parts of the tyre to bear more weight – which leads to uneven wear patterns.
  • Steering wheel issues : Another indication of misalignment of wheels is vibrations in the steering or seats. These become more pronounced when you drive at high speeds. The reason is an uneven distribution of pressure on the tyres.
  • Tyre squealing : If you notice squealing noises coming from the tyres then it may be because of the misalignment of the wheels. The resulting friction between the road and the tyres causes this sound. It is a warning bell that something is amiss that needs to be checked by alignment experts.
  • Car pulling to one side : You also may notice that your vehicle constantly pulls to one side, even when the road is straight. This is again caused by issues with wheel alignment that create an imbalance in steering. Do not neglect or delay getting your car checked at our wheel alignment centre in such a case.
  • Tilted steering wheel : Another easy way to find out the misalignment of wheels is to check for tilt in the steering wheel. You can notice a tilt to the right or left and not a perfect centre position. This suggests issues with the alignment and suspension that need to be looked into by experts.
  • High fuel consumption : Wheel misalignment also leads to higher fuel consumption as the pressure on the tyres increases. If you notice that you are spending more on fuel on a weekly or monthly basis, it is time to get the alignment and balancing checked.

When Does Your Car Needs Tyre Rotation and Balancing Checks?

Various factors determine when you need to get your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked. It can be part of regular maintenance as per the schedule recommended by your service centre. On the other hand, you can get them checked if you have been travelling on rough roads. It is also a good idea to get them fixed before and after a long or inter-city journey. Tyre rotation and balance keep your car’s tyre in the best shape and prevent accidents. So, get them checked or repaired basis based on these factors:

  • Tyre Rotation : Have you noticed uneven wear out of your car’s tyre? This probably means that there are issues with the tyre’s alignment that need to be checked and fixed by a professional wheel balancer. The tyre rotation pattern helps even out the distribution of “wear” across tyres and is the key to extending their lifespan. Additionally, this can help you save money in the long run.
  • Mileage : Another recommended method for getting wheel alignment done is mileage. Follow your mechanic’s advice and get your wheels checked at a prescribed time. For most cars, it is suggested that the alignment should be checked every 10,000-12,000 kilometres. You can get it done earlier if you regularly travel on rough roads or if you notice any issues while driving.
  • Uneven Wear : One of the easiest-to-spot signs of faulty alignment is uneven tread wear. This can significantly reduce your tyre’s life and create handling issues. It can also affect the driver’s control and cause a decrease in traction. So, rotation and balancing need to be checked if one side of the tyre is wearing out faster. This should also be done if there is feathering along the edges of the tyre.
  • Vibrations : Have you noticed vibrations in your steering wheel when you drive faster? The wheels may be out of balance and must be checked and fixed. Common reasons for this are rough roads, potholes or curbside impacts, and driving style – they can cause small weights used during wheel mounting to become dislodged.
  • Timeframe : Have you ever experienced the signs of uneven treadwear or vibrations in your car? If yes, your wheels need to be checked and properly aligned for a better driving experience. Experts suggest that this should be done at least once every 6 months as it can help detect issues that can lead to expensive repairs if left untreated.

Why Choose JRB Auto?

For wheel alignment in Werribee Victoria, look no further than JRB Auto. With a comprehensive range of car repair services, we are here to serve our customers in Werribee. Visit our fully equipped workshop that has proper tools for wheel balancing and any other type of car repairs. With our trained mechanics, we work on cars of all models and makes.

For enquiries, booking, or other assistance, you can call us on 03 9741 2725.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can have an impact on your car’s fuel efficiency. This is possible because misaligned tyres drag the car instead of rolling freely. If your car’s tyres aren’t adjusted properly, that can be the reason why you might be spending more money on gas than usual.

Steering issues or vibrations are common tell-tale signs of misalignment of the wheels. This can also impact the suspension and braking system, making it difficult to control the vehicle. These issues can become serious when driving at a higher speed or taking turns.

Tyre rotation and balancing can significantly contribute to a smoother ride because tyres with matching conditions are placed together. This is possible as the wheel balancing ensures that you get better steering control.

Yes, it can improve the lifespan of your tyres as they can endure more pressure. In this process, the tyres with more wear and tear are rotated to a place of less pressure or friction. This helps the tyres to “even out” their condition and increase their lifecycle.