Authorised Car Battery Replacement in Werribee

Are you looking for a reliable car battery replacement in Werribee? If yes, you’re at the right place. JRB Auto is amongst the leading battery suppliers for cars of all models and makes. So, you can bring your car to our workshop facing any battery-related issues. We will run a check and install a new battery in no time. As an authorised battery replacement centre, we also make sure that the old batteries are recycled properly in an environmentally friendly way.

Why do you need to Maintain or Replace Your Car Battery?

Maintaining or replacing your car battery is important in order to ensure reliable starting and electrical performance. Moreover, neglecting it can lead to potential breakdowns and inconvenience on the road. On the other hand, with a high-performing battery, driving as well as the use of other accessories become easy.

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How to Maintain Your Car’s Battery?

Every driver knows the importance of keeping the car battery in optimal condition. It is both irritating and unsafe to drive with a poorly performing battery. Still, some people tend to ignore or delay getting their car’s batteries tested or replaced.

The good part is your car battery does not need to be replaced every time it develops a snag. This can often be rectified only with cleaning and minor repairs. You can also extend the life of your vehicle by maintaining a car battery with timely checks. Here are a few simple methods for car battery maintenance that you can follow:

  • Keep it clean : The terminals of your car battery can get a bit dusty and grimy over time, leading to poor connections. A simple way to keep things sparkly clean is to regularly inspect the battery. You can gently clean the terminals with a mixture of baking soda and water.
  • Check the water level : If your car has a lead-acid battery, it’s essential to check the water level regularly. With a low water level, your battery will perform below par and it will not last long. Note that you need to use distilled water in your battery as required to keep the plates covered.
  • Avoid deep discharge : Do not discharge your car’s battery as letting this happen to very low levels can ruin its lifespan. If you are planning a break from driving or parking your car in the garage for some time, be sure to disconnect the battery or use a battery maintainer. This is important as it will help to keep your battery in the best form.
  • Test your battery : Another easy-to-follow tip that most car owners tend to ignore is getting their battery checked on a regular basis. You can inspect your battery’s health yourself or ask professional battery testers to look at it. They’ll check its voltage and ability to retain as well as supply current amongst other things. If there is a minor snag, it is easily fixed and will help your battery last longer.
  • Ensure proper placement : Safety is all important when it comes to car batteries – always ensure that the battery is properly secured in its tray. That can help prevent any nasty accidents or acid spills. A loose battery that is not fitted properly with the terminal can create sparks and put you and your car at risk.

When to Replace Your Car Battery?

Like all mechanical and electrical things, your car battery also has a specific lifespan. Do not wait for a “dead battery” that can leave you stranded on the road. If you notice any of these signs mentioned below, it is time to get your battery checked and replaced:

  • Engine cranking issues : Does your engine crank but does not get turned on? Chances are that your car battery is losing its power. This is the first and most common indicator that needs to be checked and replaced as soon as possible.
  • Dimming of lights : When your car’s headlights and other lights start to flicker or dim, it’s time to pay attention. This is a sure sign of a dying battery that you should never ignore.
  • Warning indicator lights : If you see the battery warning light lit up on your dashboard, it’s time to give your battery a thorough check-up. Modern high-end cars come with a variety of high-tech features, such as onboard computers and warning indicators. This helps you get timely help to get your battery repaired or replaced.
  • Battery swelling : This is a critical sign that you should never ignore. A swollen battery case means something is seriously wrong with the battery. The bulging or swelling battery case is a clear sign that you need to get the battery changed immediately.
  • Bad odour : Have you noticed the sulphuric smell from your car battery? It is yet another indicator that the battery needs to be replaced at the earliest. You should not overlook this sign and risk acid discharge or accidents.
  • Age : Car batteries age with time and they only get worse. If your battery is 3-5 years older, it is time to get it replaced for reliable performance.
  • Changing Seasons : Different seasons can have varying effects on your car battery’s performance. Before the onset of summer or winter, when you need maximum power for cooling or heating, get it checked with a qualified tester. If it is not performing optimally, it is best to get it replaced with a new battery. This will help you drive with comfort and peace of mind in extreme weather.

Why Choose JRB Auto for Car Battery Replacement in Werribee?

JRB Auto has become the top choice for car battery replacement in Werribee, Victoria. We have been serving our valued customers since 2009. With an extensive range of services, we help you with all your car battery service, general repairs, and spare parts requirements.

Whether you are looking for a top-brand battery for your high-end car or a budget battery option, we’ve got you covered. If you are not sure which battery you should buy, our experts can assist you. They’ll guide you on various options based on your car’s model, make, and budget.

Here’s why we are one of the most trusted suppliers for car battery replacement:

  • Wide range of batteries
  • Competitive prices
  • Top brands
  • Testing, sale, and installation under one roof
  • Experienced staff
  • Honest advice
  • Friendly customer service

Visit us and get a new high-powered battery installed. For queries and assistance, you can call us on 03 9741 2725.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common signs that your car battery may need to be replaced:

  • Bulging battery case
  • Bad odour coming out of battery
  • Difficulty in engine cranking
  • Dimming of headlights
  • Not enough power for accessories like a music system
  • Acid leaking from the battery
  • Warning light lit up in the instrument panel
  • 3 to 5 years older battery

The cost of battery replacement depends on your car’s model and make, and the type of battery you select. Moreover, it depends on the battery brand (high-end/medium/economical), power capacity, size, etc. To know more, you can call us on  03 9741 2725.

These are some of the common ways that you can extend your car battery’s life:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Checking water level
  • Not letting the battery fully discharge
  • Keeping battery and terminals dust and rust free
  • Securing battery and terminals

For any car battery-related issue, you can call our experts at JRB Auto.